Born in Tongyeong, 1961


1986 Keimyung University College of Art, Department of Painting

Solo Exhibition

2018 Windflow: Stars Flow… (Gallery Geoje)

2018 Style: Sun-ri (Art Space Ia)

2018 Invitation (Moon Hee-jung Art Hall)

2018 Device Path Invitation: Under the Sky… Flowers bloom (Gimhae Forest Gallery)

2017 Device Path Invitation: As the Wind Flows (K-Art Media Gallery)

2017 Device Road Invitation: Tongyeong Star Song (Songwon Gallery)

Invitation to commemorate the 3rd Medic Award (Tenri Gallery)

2015 Art Hall Bridge Invitation (Turtle Ship Hotel)

2012 Chamber Gallery Invitation (Changwon Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

a large number of others

Group Exhibition

2017 Gallery Geoje Opening Ceremony: Culture of Color (Gallery Geoje)

2017 Yoonseul Museum of Art Gyeongnam Artist Special Exhibition (Kimhae Cultural Center Yoonseul Museum)

a large number of others