Graduated from Musashino Art of University Graduate School of Formative Research and Oil painting.

Graduate School of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Western Chemistry at Kyunggi University

Graduated from Yeongdong High School in Seoul

Solo Exhibitions 

2018 A landscape in Mind – Wonderland Suwon District Court Accompanying Gallery

2016 Alandscape in Mind – Forest View Crest Gallery

2015 A landscape in Mind – Nature Gallery Gabi

2014 A landscape in Mind – Position Suwon Art Exhibition SP1

2014 A landscape in Mind – connection Arisu Gallery

2011 A landscape in Mind Gallery Gaia 

2003 No meaning-signal Gyeonggi Culture and Arts Center

Group Exhibitions(3 years)

2018 - Exhibition of the Patterns of the Boundary of Inter전 City, Ansan Danwon Art Museum/ Kimhae Cultural Center Yoonseul Art Museum

Danwon Art Festival's 20th Anniversary Archive, Ansan Arts Center Gallery

Eyes on the Environment: Before Imagination and Empathy, Jinujium Permanent Exhibition Room, Kyungin University of Education

Before the drawing gesture, Seo Dong-jin Coffee Lab Headquarters, Suwon

Former Peaceful Garden, fill Gallery, Hannam-dong

Klassic Art, West Gallery

Suwon Art Exhibition Hall, 30th Anniversary of Kyunggi University's Western Painting Dongmun

2017 - Gyeonggi University Museum Exhibition Hall, 70th Anniversary of its Opening

Kyungin University of Education's Convention Room

Gyeonggi National University Gallery Daon Opening Ceremony, Gyeonggi National University Seoul Campus

Spring is coming again. Jeon, Suwon Art Exhibition Hall

Action; Auction 2017, Art Space Say

Suwon Art Exhibition Hall, Gyeonggi National University Western Painting Dongmun

New Operation, Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum.

Atelier Story Exhibition, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center

Before Crossing 2030, Ansan Arts Center Gallery

Before Color Your Space, Ceres Home Gallery.

Yeonhongjeon, Suwon Art Exhibition Hall

Yeonhong Museum of Art Exhibition, Yeonhong Museum of Art Goes to the Island, Yeonhong Museum of Art

2016 - Before Drawing Gestures, Suwon Museum of Art SP1

Former Korean Alumni, Musashino University of Art, Japanese Embassy in Korea, Public Information Cultural Center

Kyungin University of Education's Convention Room

Danwon Art Museum, an invitation exhibition for award-winning artists at the Danwon Art Festival

Yeonhongjeon, Suwon Art Exhibition Hall

41st Hieroglyphics Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center

Gyeonggi National University Western Painting Dongmun Hall, Gyeonggi National University Ho-yeon Gallery


2014 Danwon Art Festival Art Division, Grand Prize, Danwon Art Museum in Ansan

2012 Art Bank Contest, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

a master of a work

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Danwon Museum of Art, Gyeonggi National University, Suwon District Court, Seoul Eastern District Court, 

individual director

Current members of the Korean Art Association, Shin Do-jeon, D.E.M.O., and Yeon Hong-jeon

Kyung-In University, Kyung-In University of Education, Suwon Girls' High School attendance

(Visiting professor at Kyunggi University Graduate School of Arts, Dong-A University, Gwangju National University of Education, Daejin University)