Born in Seoul 1979


2005 Graduate from Seoul National University, Department of Environmental Sculpture

2008 Graduate School of Environmental Sculpture, Seoul National University

2018 Graduate School of Art, Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, Postgraduate

Solo Exhibitions

2007 Moran Gallery / Seoul Group Exhibition

2006 "METAL WORKS 2006" Galleria Trink (Seoul)   

Art In City 2006 Naksan Project, Ewha-dong, Jongno-gu (Seoul)   

"17th City Sculpture Rotation" Red Brick Gallery (Seoul)

2007 Bucheon Modern Sculptors' Association Exhibition, Bucheon City Hall (Buchon)   

"Mutual U-Challenge" W Gallery (Seoul)   

"18th City Sculpture Rotation" Peony Gallery (Seoul)   

"METAL WORKS 2007" All Gallery (Seoul)

2008 Contemporary Art Exhibition Space Rate (minutes)

Bucheon City Hall (Buchon) of the 2009 Bucheon Modern Sculptors' Association.   

"Happy memories" Seoul National University Hospital Gangnam Center (Seoul)

2010 Art Garden Exhibition-Gam Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (Seoul)   

Boksagol Culture Center (Buchon) of "Buchon Contemporary Sculptors' Association"  

"Stay still" Incheon Art Platform (Incheon)

2011 Doosan Art Square (Seoul)

2012 "Again, Abstract" Space K (Gwacheon)

2014 MISUKOSHI X Tokyo University of the Arts Summer Festival 2014 Young Artist's Exhibition to Carry the Next Generation of Art" Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store (Tokyo, Japan)   


2015 "Tactile Exhibition" Ottawarashi Art and Culture Research Institute (Tokichi, Japan)   

"STEELERES Vol.12" Tennose Central Tower (Tokyo)

2016 STEEL'S VOICE Satellite Gallery (Nagoya, Japan)   

"The 7th Korea-Japan Exhibition of Reconciliation and Harmony" Torchigi Prefecture Integrated Cultural Center (Torchigi)   

"KENPOKU ART 2016 Ibaraki Hyunbuk Art Festival" Daigomachi (Ibaraki)   

"Challenge Art in Japan 2016 Beach of Welcoming" Korean Embassy in Japan Gallery MI (Tokyo)

2017 Ueno Forest Masters Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)    

"Ph.D. Screening of Graduate Art Research Department at Tokyo University of Arts 2017" Art Museum at Tokyo University of Arts (Tokyo)

2018 Seoul National University 100th Anniversary Exhibition    

"Vision of Modern Sculpture in Korea" Silk Gallery of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Japan

2019 "Flow-Gallery Mark Window Exhibition" Gallery Mark (Seoul)


2010 Danwon Art Exhibition Hall (hosted by Ansan City)

2010 ECO Environmental Sculpture Exhibition Special (Hosted by Crown Haitai) Crown Haitai Training Center Outdoor Exhibition Hall (Yangju)

2016 Asakura Fumio Memorial Culture Hall (Oita Prefecture, Bungo Onoshi, Oita Asia Sculpture Execution Committee) Workshop

2015 "Sparkling Metal, Let's Melt it and Make it!"~7cm using familiar objects~" Torchigi Prefecture Integrated Culture Center (torchigi) 2015 "Touch, smell and feel vegetables!"~Paste or apply, co-produced~" Torchigi Prefecture Integrated Cultural Center (Torchigi Prefecture

2016 "Crapper Warabochi" Daigomachi (Ibaraki)